Jun 16, 2023 - Arborist appreciation day, and part 2 of Worksafe BC tree services incident data analysis


Jan 13, 2023 - Worksafe BC tree services incident data analysis part 1


Jan 9, 2023 - Head to the blog if you want to look the first bit of data analysis from a job postings review I did in 2021.


Jan 9, 2023 - I updated correspondence on the PNW ISA President/President Elect event through to the election of the new Board. Head to the blog.


Apr 2, 2022 - Wondering what the deal is at the PNW ISA at the moment? Go to the bctreeclimbing blog for a timeline of events.


Mar 13, 2022 - My article about how we get tree gear wrong. This appeared on climbingarborist.com and in Tree Matters magazine in New Zealand in late 2019.


Mar 13, 2022 - Interested in learning how WorkSafe BC has ruled against tree services and on what specific violations? Head over to WorkSafeBC to check out penalties summaries. Enter "tree" as the search criteria, and select "service sector" from the sector menu. 


Mar 13, 2022 - My article at climbingarborist.com on the new BC tree climbing regulations introduced December 1st, 2021 by WorkSafe BC 


Mar 13, 2022 - New blog on gatekeeping, and adding blog entries from thearboriststore.com to the bctreeclimbing blog


Feb 21/2021 - New story in the blog on government contracts following some big news out of London and Toronto, Ontario


Feb 9/2021 - Probably the best one hour presentation on PPE inspection (including fall protection) I've come across brought to you by TCIA, featuring Nathan Williams of Petzl International 


Jan 31/2021 - Urban Forestry Today has a good archive of free webinars from some of the best and brightest in the field.  Sign up for the mailing list and get notification of upcoming weekly webinars which are eligible for free ISA CEUs.



Jan 31/2021 - Arboriculture Association has excellent webinar content available on youtube for the arb and urban forester on a range of topics 



Jan 28/2021 - So ya wanna fall trees in BC for merch?
Check out this not at all convoluted pathway to CAGC (Formerly ENFORM) Certification:


Jan 27/2021 - Worksafe BC Part 26 Arborist Activities is going to public hearing on March 3rd. This is your one and only chance to chime in, so best head to check it out ahead of time.